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Federal Skilled Trades Program

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is one of Canada’s economic immigration classes. Unlike in other economic classes, the FSWP uses a point grid system to assign points to an applicant, based on factors that contribute to an applicant’s success in Canada.

To be eligible under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you must meet the following requirements:

Eligibility Requirements

You must have at least one year of continuous full-time or equivalent part-time work within the past 10 years in an occupation listed under:

  • NOC skill level 0 (managerial jobs)
  • NOC skill type A (professional jobs)
  • NOC skill type B (technical jobs and skilled trades)

To determine the appropriate NOC occupation, you must have performed the actions described in the lead statement and performed a substantial number of main duties listed in the NOC.

You must have official and valid language test results that meet the minimum language level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 on all four language abilities (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) in your first official language.

You can take any of the following tests approved by ICCRC:

For English:

For French:

Language test results must not be more than 2 years old on the day you submit your application to be considered valid.

You must have:

  • a Canadian secondary or post-secondary certificate/ diploma OR
  • a completed foreign credential with an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), with the report showing that your foreign education is equal to a completed Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree, issued by a designated IRCC organization.

Here’s a list of IRCC’s designated organizations for ECAs:

For applicants with foreign credentials, the ECA must be less than 5 years old on the date the application is submitted.

You must get a minimum of 67 points based on the six selection factors of the program. These selection factors contribute to an immigrant’s successful settlement and integration in Canada.

The six selection factors are as follows:

  • Language Proficiency (maximum of 28 points)
  • Education (maximum of 25 points)
  • Work Experience (maximum of 15 points)
  • Age (maximum of 12 points)
  • Arranged Employment (maximum of 10 points)
  • Adaptability (maximum of 10 points)

You will be assigned points under each factor based on the Federal Skilled Worker point grid. If you meet at least 67 of 100 points, you MAY be invited to apply as a permanent resident depending on your Comprehensive Ranking Score in the Express Entry System.

Once your application is approved under the FSWP, you must have enough money to support yourself and your family unless you are currently working/ authorized to work in Canada or you have a valid job offer in Canada.

The amount of money you will need is determined by the the number of persons in your family, and is based on 50% of the low-income cut-offs. These amounts are estimated to cover for the living expenses of a new immigrant and his/her family members whether accompanying or not.

The table below shows the 2016 required funds in Canadian dollars. Note that these figures are updated every year.

Number of
Family Members
Funds Required
(in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,164.00
2 $15,143.00
3 $18,617.00
4 $22,603.00
5 $25,636.00
6 $28,913.00
7 or more $32,191.00

The settlement fund that you must possess by the time you land as a permanent resident must not be borrowed, and must be readily transferrable and available when you settle in Canada. Proof of funds may be in the form of cash, documents that show property such as stocks and bonds, and documents that guarantee payment of a set amount of payment such as traveler’s cheques, bank drafts, etc.

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