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Immigration Appeal

There are only a handful of circumstances wherein a decision may be appealed to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD).

  1. A sponsor may appeal to the IAD against a refusal to issue a sponsored family member a permanent resident visa under the family class.
  2. A foreign national holding a permanent resident visa, a permanent resident, or a protected person, may appeal to the IAD against a removal order against them.
  3. A permanent resident may appeal to the IAD against a decision made outside of Canada regarding their residency obligation.


Note: Some appeals under these provisions may remain ineligible where some cases of inadmissibility is involved. Other restrictions may apply.

How We Can Help

Our regulated immigration consultants can review your case and assess whether you are eligible to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division, build a coherent and persuasive case, and represent you throughout the appeal process. 

You can start by contacting us here.

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